Friday, 15 February 2013

Larger Objective of the Book

Like Wealth needs to get distributed for the inclusiveness in Society, same way Knowledge is bigger intangible wealth which needs to get circulated for the overall growth of Society. Through this book, I have tried to convert my real time Experiences and Knowledge into a Tangible wealth for the development of Society. This was part of my larger dream while writing this book. Wish this book will facilitate the creation of 100 or 1000 more Future Leaders & Entrepreneurs in coming days in India & across the Globe. 

How the Idea of the Book was Born

As, I started my IT work life in 2004, post completion of the Engineering degree, I always felt there was an equal need to carry out the three duties in life with conviction and passion. One duty was towards my Family and well-wishers, the second duty one was towards my Work-life and third duty was towards Society or towards my Country. The third duty was equally important like the first two duties. The third duty is similarly significant because we are few chosen blessed and privileged people, so it’s our duty to give back in any form or shape for growth and development of the Society. This way we will able to do our bit for Society to create an equal or inclusive society for future generations where people cherish the desire & passion to carry out not only their dreams & ambition but also help others to realize their dreams and objectives of life.

Writing a book is like design of a Statue

Writing a book is sometimes like molding the words to build a statue or a sculpture. As I proceeded, the sculpture that emerged in form of the final book was different from what was in my mind when I started writing the book. Even while trying your best to design a statue or sculpture, as it emerges, the sculptor experiences moments of profound passion, sacrifice and commitment till the final figure is made, same was my book which needed lot of passion, sacrifice and commitment from my side.