Saturday, 19 October 2013

Journey of an IT Professional and Willingness to Change with Time

Today with the flood of Engineering and MBA colleges getting an IT job or campus placements have become the craze and trend across each cities and countries across the world. The passed out Graduates and Post graduates are very eager and excited in their first year of joining the company which is short-lived for most of them. Post completion of 1-2 years or 3-5 years and as they move towards 7-9 years or even 10-15 years, 95 percent of these Professionals feel the lack of direction and roadmap how to move forward. The question in most of the professionals mind is how to grow beyond these Technical & Coding roles to pure Consulting and Strategic roles. They start to question themselves are they going to do this kind of Technical work like coding or de-bugging and bug-fixing or support activities all their life till their age of retirement? May be there is change of position from Software Engineer to Team Lead or even Project Management roles but still the whole work revolves around the same Technical role. A role to carry out the same mechanical and monotonous activities day in and day out.
Among all these above professionals, again 90% of them desire to go for onsite opportunities to do the same coding or support work all through their life. They get into a comfort zone where money takes precedent over ambitions and dreams of life. Slowly they get used to this stereotype and mechanical life. In a way they compromise their career aspiration and dreams to be someday Future Leaders in form of Principal Consultant or Business Specialist or even Practice Leader of the company in their lifetime. There are few others who would have crossed 15 to 20 years or more than that, start thinking of Retirement from these transactional and repeated activities. They lack the interest of doing such monotonous activity in the company which was one day a joy and excitement for them when they had joined post getting their degrees. So with no clear Guidance and Roadmap in life for moving forward towards Transformational roles, they give up their dreams to “Be the Change” in making a real difference at the company level and over a period of time for the Society and Country.
Many of them who don’t get onsite opportunity start enrolling for some Part time programs in MBA or certifications to do value additions. They dream of getting a Business Analyst role or Presales Consultant as a starter in small companies by these small value additions. Even if some of them succeed in small form, they again find difficulty to stretch their career beyond a point. They live in the false impression as time pass by, this would enable them towards the Leadership roles. But not many have the risk taking ability to take the plunge to do a full time MBA. Even if, few of them get into Management Trainee roles, they lack the holistic way of connecting the dots which would bring the understanding of the end to end flow of IT Business model both at Strategic and Tactical level. There is also another section of crowd who don’t show much desire towards onsite and always willing to take the risk to do something in life, but then due to family commitments and obligations, they are unable to go ahead to accomplish their dreams and aspirations. And what happens they finally give up, continue doing the same mechanical activity day in and day out and wait for some onsite opportunity to happen. They start thinking this would give them the financial advantage, but unfortunately they get in an onsite trap cycle and never being able to pursue their dreams and aspirations.
Adding to that, the whole book market is crowded by all Technical books of the likes of C, C++, Java, .Net, Oracle or Microsoft or other Technical field books. There is a complete shortage of any Blueprint Starter guide for Functional, Consulting or Strategic roles. A book which can show the Roadmap towards accomplishing the dream to do a role transition & move towards Transformational roles. Yes you may find lot of Theoretical book but not any Practical guide or book with clear process flow and templates to accomplish the pure Functional, Strategic or Leadership roles in IT world. In short, there is an immediate need of a Single consolidated Templatized Blueprint book with a step by step approach how to do each Transformational activity. These activities range from Thought Leadership for running a Practice or Center of Excellence (CoE) or Pure Consulting roles in charting out the Business Consulting and Road-mapping for a Customer with a domain or product agnostic approach. These activities also extend towards driving Presales Consulting or Bid Management in winning new businesses or Client facing roles in form of Business Analyst or Lead Consultant or even Delivery Engagement involving Strategic, Consulting and Functional roles.

‘Today’s Engineer & MBA to Tomorrow’s Future Leader’ book will address all the above gaps in terms of distribution of knowledge to people who wish to be Leaders with or without much investment and help them to realize their dreams and aspirations to be next generation Future Leaders. This book will Transform a Software developer or an Engineer or Graduates or even Management Trainee to move towards higher roles in the Organization in terms of Business Analyst, Business Consulting, Business Specialist or even Presales or Practice Leader roles. So what are the career opportunities to be Future Leaders?


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Saturday, 12 October 2013

A request for Today - Please take some time to pray against this Phailin Cyclone

Request to all my Friends - PRAYERS for Cyclone Phailin in Odisha & AP coastal -> 

The Prayer - Please take some time to pray against this Phailin Cyclone, that they will not cause any disaster on our shores, but will disappear into the sea, and that people will turn back to Lord Jagannath (Puri) and seek His face and His hand of protection. 

Disasters always make people think of God and turn back to Him. To all - Stay Safe & Be Prepared to help others & keep Praying wherever you are for the Larger benefit of Society.

Saturday, 5 October 2013

INDIA POSITIVE Story- Authors whose BOOK is making Difference IN Society Development & Better World

As, the Author started his IT work life in 2004, post completion of the Engineering degree, he always felt there was an equal need to carry out the three duties in life with conviction and passion. One duty was towards his Family and well-wishers, the second duty one was towards his Work-life and third duty was towards Society or towards his Motherland or Country. For him, the third duty was equally important like the first two duties. The third duty is similarly significant because he always felt he was the few chosen blessed and privileged people among the billions, so it was his duty to give back in any form or shape for growth and development of the Society. This way he will able to do our bit for Society to create an equal or inclusive society for future generations where people cherish the desire & passion to carry out not only their dreams & ambition but also help others to realize their dreams and objectives of life.

Like Wealth needs to get distributed for the inclusiveness in Society, same way Knowledge is bigger intangible wealth which needs to get circulated for the overall growth of Society. This principle of life led to the evolution of the BOOK - 'Today's Engineer and MBA to Tomorrow’s Future Leader'. Through this book, the Author has tried to convert his real time Experiences and Knowledge into a Tangible wealth for the development of Society. This book will sow the seeds towards larger roles in next 5 to 10 years of being a Future Leader. This book or Starter guide will show the Roadmap along with the Blueprint guide how to achieve Leadership Positions. This guide will be based on Real Time Templatized techniques highlighting sample business use cases & scenarios based on real time experiences.

Yes, he has a dream though, in publication of the Book. Five or Ten years from now, somewhere a person will say, his or her leadership journey was helped in some small way by reading this book and the Author will feel that’s the greatest tribute whose knowledge could work for the development of Society goals. Hopefully this book in a small way will provide the platform to finally create a spirit of Entrepreneurship among each person to do a difference at large towards their third duty of life. The larger dream while writing this book was to facilitate the creation of 100 or 1000 more Future Leaders & Entrepreneurs in coming days in India & across the Globe.

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Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Changing Life's of PEOPLE across the Globe

The Blueprint Guide "Todays Engineer and MBA to Tomorrows Future Leader" is now on demand across the Globe.overall 500 people have Benefited and working towards Achieving their Dreams and their Journey of Transformation has begun. 

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