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Satya Brahmachari was born in small town Bhubaneswar, Odisha. Have closed to Decade of experience in IT world and have been working with the likes of Accenture, Oracle, Wipro and HCL and Capgemini. Satya Brahmachari is World-wide Published Author of the Pioneer book –‘Today's Engineer & MBA to Tomorrows Future Leader’. He holds a Global MBA degree in IT Systems & Management from Switzerland & India and B.Tech in Computer Science from India. Have travelled across the world and as a Thought Leader have been writing many blogs spreading the knowledge for the masses. Satya as a Knowledge Entrepreneur works for Society goals in free time. For more details -

Leena Panigrahi was born in smallest town Bolangir, Odisha. She holds an Engineering graduate in BioTechnology. She is an author by destiny. She has started to put down her thoughts in writing books on new trends that can make a difference in normal people lives. Satya Brahmachari and Leena Panigrahi are married to each other and both as Knowledge Entrepreneurs works for Society goals in free time. For more details -

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